Spring-Annotation is a library that enables the use or annotations to configure your application using spring-framework as a backend.

In the next versions it will enable the use of standard Java EE annotations as an alternative way to configure your application, but without a need for a full Java EE 5 application server.

The project is now switching it`s build environment to Maven and working a litle in creating some documentation and examples, any sugestions are welcome.

Downloads can be found here: at the download site

Feel free to use the mailling lists and forums to solve your problems, the answers will came as soon as possible.

News for the 1.1 version

  • Project moved from Java.net to SourceForge, this means that all the package names have changed, please do a replace in your code from net.java.dev.springannotations to net.sourceforge.sannotations
  • Many bugs fixed
  • New packages for download, with the libraries already included, for use if you do not want to use maven 2, or if the packages are not included in the maven repo yet
  • Schema files changed, please update your XML, the new schema is: http://sannotations.sourceforge.net/context, and the XSD file is availlable at: http://sannotations.sourceforge.net/context.xsd

News for the 1.0.2 version

  • Support for XML Schema Configuration, now you just need to put the tag <sa:annotation-autoload /> to enable the annotation module
  • There is no need to create the empty to.properties anymore if all your classes are in some open directory, you just need it in the root of the jars you want to use the annotations
  • new @Alias annotation that enables the configuration of aliases to beans
  • Suport for filters in the loading of classes to enable the use in diferent contxts or modules, to enable this just use the tags includePackage or excludePackage inside the <sa:annotation-autoload /> , both uses regular expressions to filter the package name.
  • The JSF module does not forces the use of the AspectJ loadtimeweaving anymore, working on a way to support both approaches
  • Now the annotation reading module supports the use of any kind of annotation, but there is no documentation of it for now, expect some news for the next release
  • Added support for some of the JSR 250 annotations, now you can use @PostCreate and @PreDestroy to specify init and destroy methods of your bean, and with the security module (very early stage) you can use the annotations @DenyAll, @PermitAll and @RolesAllowed to configure the secrity of your project
  • Started the port of some of the new JSF features, like the new Scopes (flash and conversation) to the basic web module
  • now there is no need to add a RequestContextListener to your web.xml it is already included in the dummy.tld inside the web module
  • Some more unit tests written for the framework, there is a lot missing yet.
  • The litle existent documentation is a litle bether, and the JavaDocs are starting to be written


You can download the project here in the downloads section of the java.net


You can find a litle documentation here in this site, some examples in this blog , and some examples and coments in this blog (in Brazilian Portuguese).

Help on improving the documentation is welcome and needed.