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Release 1.1 - 2006-11-29

There is no need to create the empty anymore if all your classes are in some open directory, you just need it in the root of the jars you want to use the annotationsurubatan
new @Alias annotation that enables the configuration of aliases to beansurubatan
Support for XML Schema Configuration, now you just need to put the tag < sa:annotation-autoload / > to enable the annotation moduleurubatan
Suport for filters in the loading of classes to enable the use in diferent contxts or modules, to enable this just use the tags includePackage or excludePackage inside the < sa:annotation-autoload / > , both uses regular expressions to filter the package name.urubatan
The JSF module does not forces the use of the AspectJ loadtimeweaving anymore, working on a way to support both approachesurubatan
Now the annotation reading module supports the use of any kind of annotation, but there is no documentation of it for now, expect some news for the next releaseurubatan
Added support for some of the JSR 250 annotations, now you can use @PostCreate and @PreDestroy to specify init and destroy methods of your bean, and with the security module (very early stage) you can use the annotations @DenyAll, @PermitAll and @RolesAllowed to configure the secrity of your projecturubatan
Started the port of some of the new JSF features, like the new Scopes (flash and conversation) to the basic web moduleurubatan
now there is no need to add a RequestContextListener to your web.xml it is already included in the dummy.tld inside the web moduleurubatan
Some more unit tests written for the framework, there is a lot missing yet.urubatan
The litle existent documentation is a litle bether, and the JavaDocs are starting to be writtenurubatan

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2006-10-01

Added 3 blank exemple apps.urubatan
Reorganized project structure.urubatan
Created packages for each project module.urubatan
Created example projects.urubatan
Started the documentation.urubatan